UC Cambodian Red Cross Youth and Advisors Receive Training on Road Safety

On February 25th, 2016, The University of Cambodia sent two University of Cambodia Cambodian Red Cross Youth (UCCRCY) Advisors and two UCCRCY members to attend the Cambodian Red Cross training on road safety at the Cambodia-Korean Cooperation Center. In total, about 76 representatives from 19 higher education institutions in Phnom Penh attended the CRC training. The opening session was presided over by H.E. Sam Kosal, Director of the Department of Human Resources at the Cambodian Red Cross.

First, Mr. Kong Sovan, a representative from the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD), explained that the IARD aims to cooperate with the Cambodian Red Cross in order to prevent driving under the influence of alcohol. In his speech he showed the meeting that traffic accidents are a leading cause of death in Cambodia. Additionally, recent survey results have shown that the leading causes of traffic accidents are drivers not following traffic laws, police officers not enforcing the traffic laws, drivers uneducated on traffic laws, the use of cell phones (particularly SMS), driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and not wearing seatbelts and/or helmets, he said.

H.E. Sam Kosal stated that the Cambodian Red Cross has increased its efforts to cooperate with the government to reduce trafficc accidents throughout the country by hosting Red Cross Youth training programs, and educating communities across the country. The purpose of the training is to disseminate new  trafficlaws to all participants. The amount of  traffic accidents in Cambodia is increasing day by day, and most victims are seriously injured or are killed. It is really a problem for Cambodia’s society and economy.

Mr. Pen Khun, Deputy at the Office of Police, also presented about the traffic law in Cambodia, specifically penalty requirements. He stated that driving under the influence of alcohol causes about 16% of traffic accidents in Cambodia, and also causes violence within families and in society as well. The main challenge facing the fight against alcohol abuse is that there is no policy or law regarding alcohol importation and distribution, and the enforcement rate of alcohol related crimes remains quite low.

By: Ms. Kong Rathana, University Registrar, and Mr. Ban Bunheng, Deputy Director of the ASEAN Study Center and Assistant to the University President


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