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On Saturday, 20 June 2015 the University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) celebrated ‘UC Green World’ in Phnom Srouch District, Kampung Speu Province. The event was lead by Ms. Chom Chovkesey in her capacity as UCSS project holder, in collaboration with UCSS members and UC student volunteers. The celebration was under the title, “Plant Tree, Plant Life”. The objectives of this celebration were to promote the idea of loving the environment, to showcase the University of Cambodia’s involvement with the community, to strengthen ties within the UC family, to provide fun and educational activities in other parts of the country, to persuade all Cambodians to love our forests and trees, and last but not least, to raise funds for pagodas and students in that area.
UC Green World is a new project of UCSS Mandate 9, we created this project in an effort to respond to the rapid decrease of forests in Cambodia, and promote environmental conservation. UC Green World celebration was held on Saturday morning from 8:30AM until 10:30AM. We held a meeting that discussed the deforestation issues in Cambodia and in the world with local authorities and lecturers from UC. Additionally, we also planted many different kinds of trees such as: KRA NHOONG, BENG, NEANG NOUN, CHAN KROSNA, THNOONG, KOR KOH, KOKI, DOMDOUL, CHRAIS, MAISAK, CHHER TEAL, LUMBOR, SO KROM. With technical advice from the MLOB BEITONG Organization, we continued to climb the mountain nearby and then had lunch at 12:30. After lunch we continued our study tour to NARAKBOREY museum. With this study tour all UC students seemed to enjoy viewing the artifacts and listening to the explanations of the museum guild. All the students gained knowledge about the value of Khmer culture during this visit.
It was such a joyful and successful event as there were 100 participants joining the event with smiles and happiness.
The total sum of money that was collected by UCSS was donated to Putrearam Pagoda in Kampung Speu Province and spent to purchase trees to plant there. All the new trees and plants will be taken care of by the communities there. UCSS plans to celebrate this project again next year because the important event was so successful this year.

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