Using a Helmet to Protect Your Life from Traffic Accident

Mr. Min Seiha (Associate Dean for the College of Social Sciences) joined Major Gen Kim Yindeth (Deputy Director of Center Department of Public Order and Deputy Secretary General of National for Road Safety Committee), Mrs. Som Serivath (Deputy Director of Human Resources Department of Cambodian Red Cross), Brigadier General Ty Long (Deputy Director of Order, Ministry of Interior), and Mr. Sim Santran (Representative of Red Bull Company) in a workshop entitled “Using a Helmet to Protect Your Life from Traffic Accident.”

The workshop, supported by Red Bull, was conducted at UC conference center. The purpose of the workshop was to raise awareness in wearing safety helmets and obeying traffic laws for staff and students of the University. Students and staff participants each received a safety helmet for their participation in the workshop.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Min Seiha raised concerns on the importance of people being aware of road safety procedures. The Royal Government of Cambodia has been actively involved in campaigning for better road safety conditions. The RGC slogan is “today and tomorrow do not cause traffic accident.” Mr. Min also highlighted the causes and consequences of traffic accidents. He noted that one way to prevent serious traffic accident is by wearing
helmets properly.

Major General Kim Yindeth and Brigidier Genernal Ty Long showed the current situation on traffic accidents in Cambodia. They mentioned that for the most part people carelessly wear safety helmets. They updated everyone about the new re-adoption of the traffic law which requires all commuters driving amotor bike to wear safety helmets.

After short welcome speeches from Mrs. Som Serivath and Mr. Sim Santran, a speaker from Cambodian Red Cross presented a photo presentation on the real situation of traffic accident in Cambodia. Towards the end of the presentation the Cambodian Red Cross representative illustrated how to properly use safety helmets to all the participants. A comedy show on “advantages of a helmet” helped engrain the workshop’s message on the importance of awareness of traffic laws. At the close of the workshop Red Bull Company provided 150 safety helmets to participants.