Youth Team Building Camp

On March 11-12th, 2016, The University Of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) celebrated an event entitled, “Youth Team Building Camp,” in Kep Province. Ms. Kay Navin, UCSS Member, led the event with the help of other UCSS members and UC student volunteers. The objectives of this project were to help the local Koang Kang Community by engaging the participants in a environmental protection training and tree planting; to inspire UC students to engage with the community and help local people; to build a closer relationship among UCSS members, UC students and UC faculty and staff; to encourage solidarity in each team through playing corporative games and warmly welcoming the UCSS 10th man-date’s new members; and to foster self-responsibility and flexibility among youth.

The Youth Team Building Camp is a new project of The UCSS 10th Mandate and was held for an entire weekend. The first day began at 7:00AM and did not conclude until 10:00PM that night. During the long day, the participants traveled from Phnom Penh to Kep Province, held an environmental training regarding the Kaong Kang tree, and hosted interactive activities with the Kaong Kang community. The evening concluded with activities on the beach and dinner at 6pm. After dinner, participants built a campfire and spoke for many hours. It was a good chance for participants to get to know one another better, and to brainstorm ideas for future projects.

The second day began with breakfast at 7:35AM. Immediately following breakfast, the participants departed by bus to Kampong Trach Mountain. Children who live around the mountain guided participants, and the children told stories about the mountain’s history. We also played a game called Finding Treasure, after we completed all the other activities. We also did not forget about giving back to the community, as it is one of the core principles of this mandate. We donated all kinds of supplies such as UC notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers and UC t-shirts to the poor children near the Kampong Trach Moun-tain. After the donation, the participants returned to Phnom Penh, arriving around 3:30PM.

It was such a joyous and successful event, as there were about 85 participants joining the event with smiles and happiness. UCSS would like to thank The University of Cambodia, and especially H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, for their committed support to UCSS activities and encouragement to give back to the community through social works.

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