Archives of the Year 2019

»The Dissemination of Red Cross and Red Crescent Foundation
»Mid-Term Centralized Examinations of Term III, AY 2018-19
»Press Release On The University of Cambodia’s High Social Media Rankings
»UC Bulletin Volume 37 (Jan-Mar 2019)
»Announcement on The University of Cambodia Offering 500 Full Scholarships
»The 24th Foundation Year Graduation Ceremony
»Comprehensive Exit Exams (CEX401) for Term II
»Press Release On Dr. Rikhi Thakral Donating 600 Law Books to UC
»ពិធីប្រគល់វិញ្ញាបនបត្រថ្នាក់ឆ្នាំសិក្សាមូលដ្ឋាន ជំនាន់ទី១៦ វគ្គសិក្សាទី១ ឆ្នាំសិក្សា ២០១៧-២០១៨
»The Graduation Day of Foundation-Year Students: Promotion 16, Term I, Academic Year 2017-2018
»UC Men's Football Cup 2019
»សេចក្តីជូនដំណឹង ស្តីពីការប្រឡងពាកកណ្តាលវគ្គសិក្សាទី៣ ឆ្នាំសិក្សា២០១៨-២០១៩​(ចំពោះសិស្ស)
»សេចក្តីជូនដំណឹង ស្តីពីការប្រឡងពាកកណ្តាលវគ្គសិក្សាទី៣ ឆ្នាំសិក្សា២០១៨-២០១៩​(ចំពោះសាស្រ្តាចារ្យ)
»New Term III AY 2018-2019 starts
»Press Release on The University of Cambodia Participating in CONTESSA
»Press Release On Releasing a New Volume of the Occasional Paper Series
»UC Bulletin Volume 36 (Oct-Dec 2018)
»Final Centralized Examinations of Term II, AY 2018-19
»Basic Photography workshop in Room 702, 7th floor, UC
»Alumni Profiles

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