Football Match Between The University of Cambodia (UC) and the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL)


On 1 June 2013 at 2:30 pm, the University of Cambodia Football Club (UCFC) had another friendly football match with the Institute of Foreign Languages Football Club (IFLFC). The event was organized by both teams at Cambodian Mekong University Football Field.

About sixty people including footballers and fans, from both sides attended the event, including UCFC’s advisors and trainers as usual.

The game was tough for both sides; however, UCFC took the lead by scoring one goal in the 22nd minute of the first half by midfielder Mr. Soy Ratana, who was wearing number 14. In general, UCFC took control for most of the first half, but several potential goals missed the target.

The game got more challenging in the second half. There was an unfortunate moment for UCFC where one defender made a mistake at the 65th minute which led to a penalty. However the new goal–keeper, Mr. Bean Chhaikim, assigned to keep the goal for the second half, was able to catch the dangerous ball. In the 80th minutes, however, IFLFC scored a goal from a free kick. Thus, the final result was that UCFBC drew 1-1 with IFLFC. 

After the game, UCFC spent 20 minutes stretching and doing exercises and then met with their advisor and trainer to discuss about schedules of training and preparation for the upcoming university tournament.


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