2016 International Youth Fellowship-Cambodia World Camp

By: Mr. Yort Tinghuy, Member of the University of Cambodia Student Senate

From 24 – 27 January 2016, five students from The Uni-versity of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) attended the 2016 IYF-Cambodia World Camp at ITC. The event was organized by the International Youth Fellowship (IYF) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS). Mr. Yort Tinghuy led the delegation of UCSS members at the World Camp. The UCSS delegation consisted of, Mr. Yort Tinghuy, Mr. Thang Mengh-eng, Mr. Khit Pinou, and Ms. Chom Chevkesey. The majority of the organizers were from the Republic of Korea and the rest were Cambodian. Approximately 2000 people joined the event, most of them were high school students from BELTEI International School, and Baktuk high school, in addition to some university students from, RUPP, RULE, UC and so on.

The main objective of this event was to encourage Cambodian youth to become more involved in building cooperative international relationships and mutual understanding, and to promote the potential of Cambodian youth to the global community.

The camp offered many activities throughout the four-day event. In the morning of the first day, the opening ceremony was held. The ceremony consisted of a performance by Korean students (dancing and op-era), and a speech from the director of IYF Cambodia. After the opening ceremony a lecture was given that focused on learning to control your own mind, so you may succeed better in school and business. After lunch, participants were divided into teams to play various skills-based games. The last session of the first day was a mini concert performed by Korean high school students.

The second day of the event was nearly the same as the first day; the day began with a lecture on the mind, and the afternoon session was exactly the same. Again, the third day was the same as the first and second day: morning mind lecture, performances, leadership games, and a mini concert.

However, the last day of event consisted of many activities such as exchanging knowledge between Cambodian students and Korean students, in addition to a mind lecture, leadership games, and performances. The highlight of the day was that they provided the students with the opportunity to write a report to the orga-nizers about the camp’s activities to provide feedback. At the closing ceremony there was a lucky draw for all those who submitted reports, and the winner was given a smart phone. Finally, the event came to an end, and everybody felt grateful to be there because this event happens only once per year, and only a select number of students are able to join.