UC-Payap Exchange Program Students

By Lim Nguon (UC Student)

Two University of Cambodia students, Mr. Lim Nguon and Ms. Chhun Seakkeav, won scholarships to study at Payap University, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for one term. On September 21, they will begin their first day of a semester-long program. Having submitted planning essays and been shortlisted, Mr. Nguon and Miss Keav have gone through a process of critical interviews in front of a faculty committee. As a result, both students have been selected as exchange students to study at Payap University in the coming term.

Mr. Lim, a term 4 student, is majoring in Economics at the University of Cambodia. He will enroll in the International Business Management (IBM) program at Payap. Miss Keav is a term 7 student majoring in English Literature and will join the English Communication program there.

According to Mr. Lim, the reason why he decided to apply for the exchange program is that he would like to experience life in a new environment, and to be challenged in a different social context outside of his normal, everyday life. He also is interested in exchanging what he has learned with other people. He understands that the exchange program is not a recreation or a vocation abroad, but a duty to fulfill.

“I know I am a representative of UC,C ambodia, to exchange my experience in Thailand, so I have to represent my own university and country in the best positive way,” said Mr. Lim. Besides the desire to complete the academic program, Mr. Lim and Ms. Chhun expect to master new skills from international students there, and bring good experiences back to share with their friends and other UC students.“I will observe the educational system and curriculum, as well as other interesting

programs,” noted Mr. Lim. “And after coming back, I would like to adapt and integrate those experiences with UC’s culture and spirit to contribute, as a part, to the development of the university and the students as well.”
He likes to share and exchange ideas, insight, and thoughts with people, especially to inspire and encourage the youth to commit harder and harder to their studies and to contribute to the social development of the country.

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