Serving UC Students: A Message from the UCSS 1st Vice President

By Chin Tyheng, UCSS Vice President

Spending one year as the Vice President of the University of Cambodia Student Senate was challenging and rewarding. I was given the chance to build upon my work experience and leadership potential, all within a supportive and caring environment. At the beginning of my mandate, I experienced some challenges in part because I had to work with a new team, many of whom I did not know. They were also from different Colleges with various talents. However, they have taught me so much about myself and others. From day to day, I have gradually developed the ability to look for a job, and feel confident in knowing that the experiences gained through UCSS will prepare me for life after college. It helps me in that UCSS has prepared me to think about the importance of extracurricular activity and giving back to the community.

Personally, I have learned how to communicate with many different people, especially with my team, school, companies and sponsors. It has helped me in terms of public speaking skills and how to think logically. Communication is different from what we call “Art of Speaking,” because communication is how we transfer information from one party to another, and “Art of Speaking” refers to the communication with persuasion. More than that, I also learned how to write and prepare formal documents for both external and internal usage. Therefore, I have no doubt that I can also manage budgets for certain projects, particularly in the role of Project Manager. Other skills were learned, including team work, hard work and honor, as a member of the UCSS.

Advisors were also helpful to the UCSS. They have provided tireless consultation and recommended effective approaches in dealing with our annual projects. So I would like to express my profound thanks to our advisors for their help and motivation. All in all, I feel a real sense of pride having been part of the UC Student Senate. It has given me opportunities to learn and grow, and it has linked theory to real world practice.