Post Final Exams

By Lim Piset, UC Student

Taking a final exam at the University of Cambodia is very challenging for me as a senior student. I am very happy to finish a final exam because, before and during the exam, I have a hard time preparing lessons for four subjects, which include reading for understanding and memorizing for some points that are necessary.

Obviously, something that motivates me to work so hard like this is that I always look forward to the good, free days after the examination. In my view, the period after final exams is not completely for fun and recreational activities. I need to share my time to read additional books, journals, and other related documents in my field. I also need to spend some time to help my parents reduce their workload with their home-based business. I reward myself by hanging out with friends and going shopping and fishing. In particular, I enjoy visiting places around Cambodia like Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, Ratanakiri, Mondol Kiri, and especially Battambang, which is my home town and makes me feel relaxed from the stress I feel during study time. In Battambang, I can enjoy myself a lot because I can put everything unhappy aside.

After this happy time, the new term for the academic year comes. I look forward to that coming term because it thrills me and gives me an exciting feeling. I am very eager to study new subjects and will be ready for the next mid-term and final examination periods.

In conclusion, the time to reward myself and self-development in knowledge should be balanced. A vacation with only recreational activities, without self-learning and doing house work, seems to be less productive for me. I will feel bothered if I do not balance work and pleasure. I hope that my hard work leads to a great and bright future, and a very happy life.