Best Undergraduate Students, Term II (2010-2011)

Best Undergraduate Students, Term II (2010-2011)

By Dr. angus munro (Vice President for Academic Affairs)

Every term, we recognise the best of our undergraduate students, provided that they have done the minimum number of courses during that term: those who have scored an ‘A’ overall are nominated to the Vice-President’s List, whilst those who have scored a ‘B+’ overall are nominated to the Dean’s List.

Two female students scored straight ‘A’s in all the courses which they took, and thus qualify for the Vice-President’s List:


Chey Phalsokun (English Literature) Sem Sophea (International Relations)

A total of another155 students (including 85 females: 55%) scored a ‘B+’ overall and thus qualified for the Dean’s List. The following table gives a breakdown by College and gender.


These and unpublished data show that:

1. the popularity of the different Colleges can be ranked as Management > Arts & Humanities > Social Sciences ≈ Science &

Technology > Law > Education;

2. in terms of the proportion of female students, the popularity of the different Colleges can be ranked as Education (but only a

very small cohort-size) > [Management ≈ Arts & Humanities ≈ Social Sciences ≈ 50%] > Law > Science & Technology;

3. based on their absolute numbers (Table 1), proportionately more students were on the Dean’s List for the College of Social

Sciences, and fewer for the College of Science & Technology;

4. overall, female students did better in terms of the proportion who qualified for the Dean’s List compared with their overall


5. proportionately more female students were on the Dean’s List for the Colleges of Arts & Humanities and, to a much lesser

extent, Management; and

6. there was a continuing gender imbalance for the College of Science & Technology.

The following are the 155 undergraduate students who qualified for the Dean’s List. This will be recorded in their academic transcripts. The students are to be congratulated on their hard work; it is hoped that this will encourage them to continue to do so, and other students to try harder in order to also earn this distinction in later terms.


An Putratha (Hospitality and Tourism)

Boeum Bopharey (HRM)

Born Vandy (English Literature)

Chan Raksa (International Relations)

Chann Veasna (Finance and Banking)

Chea Chhay (English Literature)

Chea Ratha (Finance and Banking)

Chea Sokty (Computer Science)

Cheng Reaksmey (International Relations)

Chey Maramy (English Literature)

Chhang Samnang (English Literature)

Chhay Daroth (Finance and Banking)

Chhea Kuntheara (Finance and Banking)

Chhen Ksatrey (English Literature)

Chheng Dolla (International Relations)

Chheng Sovannka (English Literature)

Chhim Lin (English Literature)

Chhoeung Norinmony (Finance and Banking)

Chhun Virak Vathana (Finance and Banking)

Chhuon Panha (Law)

Chin Tyheng (International Relations)

Chon Sokkhin (Business Management)

Chum Pheasa (Law)

Chum Sophearum (English Literature)

Diep Soksereyors (International Relations)

Dok Sokmey (English Literature)

Eang Kimleang (Finance and Banking)

Em Pounnareay (Economics)

Em Vichet (English Literature)

Eng Ramin (International Relations)

Heang Nimol (English Literature)

Heng Channeath (English Literature)

Heng Kim Chy (Economics)

Heng Kimlinna (International Relations)

Heng Malyka (Finance and Banking)

Heng Mory (International Business)

Heng Socheat (English Literature)

Heng Sokly (English Literature)

Heng Srey Mom (Economics)

Hoeu Sotheara (Law)

Hong Srey Pov (Economics)

Horn Sreymean (English Literature)

Hy Chanty (International Relations)

Ith Isa (International Relations)

Kang Leang Im (Accounting)

Keo Buntheng (International Relations)

Khatty Ekvisoth (Law)

Kheang Sathaboramana (International Relations)

Kheng Ser (Law)

Khieu Sunlong (Business Management)

Khlaing Reaksmey Pich (Education)

Khoun Theara (Law)

Kim Borithy (English Literature)

Kim Vicharien (English Literature)

Kim Y Piseth (Business Management)

Kin Kimheng (International Relations)

Ko Bunthoun (International Relations)

Kom Kimheng (English Literature)

Kong Nary (Accounting)

Kong Vathana (English Literature)

Korng Vantha (International Relations)

Kuoch Chanchamroeun (International Relations)

Kuok Chamroeun (International Relations)

Lak Chansok (International Relations)

Lam Sothea (Accounting)

Lay Channanika (International Relations)

Lay Sophanith (Economics)

Leak Karineth (English Literature)

Lean Gekkim (Accounting)

Leav Kimlay (International Relations)

Lem Muy Hour (English Literature)

Leng Rachna (English Literature)

Lim Meiyou (Economics)

Lim Sokphat (English Literature)

Long Dina (English Literature)

Long Youpheng (International Relations)

Lor Chhayseng (International Relations)

Ly Chanratana (English Literature)

Ly Dara (Information Technology)

Ly Sievleang (International Relations)

Ly Sokchou (Finance and Banking)

Ly Sophy (English Literature)

Mao Sovanrithy (Information Technology)

Meng Seng Kry (Economics)

Meng Siv Linh (English Literature)

Mey Sopheakdei (International Relations)

Morm Sambathrathmanith (International Relations)

Muon Chan Raksmey (International Relations)

Nal Phyvatana (International Relations)

Ngoun Soksan (Economics)

Ngoun Wathana (Finance and Banking)

Nguon Setha (English Literature)

Nhan Kongkearith (Information Technology)

Nhan Socheata (Economics)

Noch Sophuong (International Relations)

Ouk Darinna (Finance and Banking)

Pech Morakat (Economics)

Penh Pilika (English Literature)

Peou Sopheak (International Business)

Phal Nyveara (Finance and Banking)

Phok Moni Amara (International Relations)

Phok Ratana (English Literature)

Phuon Makara (Computer Science)

Po Piset (Business Management)

Poch Kanha (Accounting)

Pov Navy (Accounting)

Rim Nalo (Information Technology)

Roeun Sovanny (International Relations)

Ros Sithat (Economics)

Ros Sopheavuth (Economics)

Sam Chanraneath (Accounting)

Samnang Vitheavy (Computer Science)

San Somalin (International Relations)

Sann Sethvitou (Finance and Banking)

Saveth Nheanpanha (Finance and Banking)

Seak Riya (English Literature)

Seng Chantho (Law)

Seng Chanthoeun (Law)

Seng Ly (Finance and Banking)

Seng Sosamphors (Finance and Banking)

Sin Chan Nita (International Relations)

So Sovanndara (English Literature)

Sok Chhorda (Business Management)

Sok Eng (Law)

Sophal Maliny (Finance and Banking)

Sorn Chantha (Finance and Banking)

Soth Pisey (Public Administration)

Sovann Monyroth (Finance and Banking)

Sun Malin (English Literature)

Sun Vutha (English Literature)

Tang Dalin (International Relations)

Tea Huychou (English Literature)

Tem Davann (Economics)

Tep Chanra (Economics)

Than Chansandab (English Literature)

Thul Si Borann (Economics)

Toth Data (English Literature)

Tum Narita (Finance and Banking)

Ty Bros (Finance and Banking)

Uk Vannak (Political Science)

Ung Keorattanak (English Literature)

Ung Sokkim (International Relations)

Van Phanit (Business Management)

Van Sophearath (English Literature)

Vannavuth Sochanmalisphoung (English Literature)

Vannthoeurn Channpitou (Economics)

Vong Sopheap (Accounting)

Vong Sreydeth (Finance and Banking)

Vorng Demorng (Political Science)

Yam Sok Eng (Business Management)

Yim Lundy (Information Technology)

Yith Davy (Finance and Banking)

Yoeng Sopheary (Finance and Banking)



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