Students Visit Clinic for PHD Training

Students Visit Clinic for PHD Training

BY No Sophearith (UC Student)


In a collaboration between the University of Cambodia (UC) and People Health Development (PHD) Association, UC students from the last four PHD trainings had a chance to visit a clinic on July 12 as a part of the Youth Initiative Project focused on educating youth on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), sexual and reproductive health, and drugs.

Forty-five student trainees participated in the clinic visit to MEC Clinic and Toek Thla Health Care Center to get more information from doctors on how to maintain good sexual and reproductive health, as well as information on STDs, HIV/AIDS, drugs, and blood testing services.

In addition to learning about subjects related to their academic majors, the UC students said they believe it is important to learn more about life skills that are useful to them. They not only studied about these issues during the trainings, they went to clinics so they could ask the doctors questions about how to cure STDs and how to protect themselves from STDs and HIV/AIDS. Instead of being embarrassed about talking about sexual and reproductive health, the students sought to gain a better understanding of the issues and to take better care of their own health.

Ban Chenda, a UC student trainee, said that he was really happy to have a chance to visit a clinic and see the patient-doctor interactions, medicine, and medical equipment. Chenda added that learning in the training sessions at UC was one part of the process, and that going to the clinic was especially helpful because it clarified his understanding of HIV/AIDS, STDs and sexual and reproductive health.

"If anyone has doubts about his/her sexual and reproductive health, they should go discuss it and find a solution with a doctor," said Chenda.

"I will share knowledge I gained from the clinic with my family, neighbors, and especially my friends, to let them know what I have learned from the training and clinic visit experience," said Koy Piseth, another student trainee.

Piseth encouraged people, especially students, to be careful with their sexual and reproductive health. If they are concerned about health issues, they should consult with skilled doctors. Doctors at the MEC Clinic provide free services and medicine for everyone.

"Don’t. . .[take chances]. . .with your health; go and meet with doctors," said Piseth.