Graduation of Foundation Year Students

Graduation of Foundation Year Students, Promotion 9, Term II Academic Year 2011 – 2012
Song Sophoat (Deputy Director, AFD)

The Academic Foundation Department (AFD) of the University of Cambodia (UC) hosted a Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, July 28, 2012 at UC Conference Center for students of promotion 9 who had completed their Foundation Year in term II. Outstanding students were also recognized in an occasion which was presided over by H.E. Samraing Kamsan (Member of the UC Board of Trustees), Dr. Angus D. Munro (Vice-President for Academic Affairs) and Dr. Y Ratana (Dean of Undergraduate Studies Division and AFD Director).

In his introductory remarks, Dr. Y Ratana gave a brief history of the AFD and the objectives of its establishment in 2005. He also explained that the AFD program aims to ensure the quality of higher education in Cambodia: students are not only provided with fundamental knowledge by doing different courses from different fields of study, but also have the opportunity to mix with others from different colleges and backgrounds and exchange their experiences and knowledge. Then he reported that 169 students graduated in this promotion; eighteen of them got a grade B+, eleven of whom were female. He concluded by encouraging the students to work hard and get better Grade Point Averages as the UC grading system is a tough one.

In his keynote address, Dr. Munro congratulated all AFD graduates for having successfully passed another milestone in their academic life. Then he explained the advantages of the academic system and process at UC. He also described some of the benefits that students can reap by doing courses in various fields of study outside their major, including in the General Education programme. For example, it helps them improve their soft skills and gives them more flexibility in their future. UC students can also build their soft skills through being involved in extracurricular activities run by student organizations such as the UC Student Senate and the UC Speech and Debate Society.

After the Certificates and Awards were given out, Prom Titdarya, an outstanding student majoring in International Business in the College of Management, gave a concluding speech. She shared her study experiences and what had helped her to do so well. She identified two sets of factors - external and internal - which have driven her to be an outstanding student in the University today. She noted that students could have a satisfactory learning outcome by understanding who they are, and by being hard-working, self-organized, curious, and self-disciplined. Also, Darya expressed thanks to her faculty members and friends for their advice and encouragement which had helped her to achieve what she is striving for. She vowed that she would continue to study hard in order to complete the undergraduate program with a good outcome and satisfaction. She also encouraged her peers to work hard and be good students for a better future society.

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