Meeting with Undergraduate Students as Part of a Scholarship and Career Workshop

Meeting with Undergraduate Students as Part of a Scholarship and Career Workshop
Dr. Angus D. Munro (Vice-President for Academic Affairs) with inputs from Chhay Daroth (UCSS)

Scholarship and career opportunities remain the main targets for young Cambodians to strive for. Recognising this, the UC Student Senate (UCSS) organized a Scholarship and Career event on August 4, 2012 in the UC Conference Center with advice from Dr. Y Ratana, Dean of Undergraduate Studies Division, and Ms. Kong Rathana, University Registrar.

This aimed to provide information related to scholarships and employment and how to be successful in pursuing these goals. Attendees were also given the opportunity to meet directly with prospective employers and discuss with experienced international professors and international scholarship-recipients.

In the first session, chaired by Dr. Angus Munro (UC Vice-President for Academic Affairs), Professor Katherine Marshall initiated a dialogue on “The Path to Scholarship.”
In her opening talk, she identified a core of characteristics which make good scholars who will be in good stead to compete for scholarships.
Care: this includes having no typos in CVs and checking things in general.

Curiosity: being interested in things and always learning
Creativity: computers are increasingly important and life is no longer predictable with an emphasis on innovation, so that creativity and imagination are important – art, etc., helps to develop this strength
Courage: the ability to not just learn from experience (including mistakes) but also to be prepared to try again
Competition: however this needs to be principled (rather than mean-spirited) and also with oneself in order to encourage further effort and not be complacent
Compulsion: having drive and determination
Compassion: caring for others and having a sense of service to the community
Character: the need to be overall positive and good in dealings with others
Training: education is a marathon, so there is the need for internal discipline and to study smart (and thus develop one’s “mental muscles”)
Team-work: doing this allows the sharing of different perspectives, experiences and knowledge, for the benefit of all
Timeliness and reliability in meeting commitments, including self-imposed time-lines
Trust and integrity: be open and honest with oneself and others
Adaptability and flexibility: drive and energy are not enough, especially nowadays
Positive attitude, rather than complain and see problems
In the second session, chaired by Dr. Y Ratana, Mr. Sar Kinal (General Manager, Aplus Consulting Co,. Ltd.; a part-time faculty at UC in the College of Management) and Ms. Elena Khin (Recruitment Specialist, Manulife PLC Cambodia; a Bachelor’s graduate from UC’s College of Mangement) presented on the topic “What is a suitable career for you?”. The two speakers shared their experiences and answered many questions from students related to the future job market.

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