Meeting with a Delegation from Jaborn Group, Guangxi

By Yun Makara

Thursday May 9, 2013: The University of Cambodia management team held a meeting with a delegation from Jaborn Group, a company based in Guangxi, China, which invests in industry, agriculture,
finance and real estate.

Mr. Cheng Li, a Chairman of Jaborn Group, said that this was the first time that he and other members of his company had come to visit Cambodia. He said that the main objective of the meeting was to obtain information and learn about the investment opportunities in Cambodia. In particular, a principle objective of their visit was to promote a new website by Jaborn Group which uses the three languages (Chinese, English, and Khmer) to post information on, for example:

  • Cambodian laws and policies;
  • Cambodian culture, traditions and geography;
  • Various aspects of the Cambodian economy, such as labor costs and real estate value and to compare with competitors;
  • Investors and Cambodian products in order to increase familiarity with the Cambodian market.

They would also provide a consultancy service and financial services, as intermediaries and through internet payment to make it easy for investors to access Cambodia’s markets and promote Cambodian products on the global market.

Ms. Por Malis, Vice President for Operations, thanked Mr. Cheng for his interest and briefed him on the University of Cambodia and its future plans. She hoped that there would be the possibility for collaboration and build closer ties between UC and the Jaborn Group.

In reply, Jaborn Group expressed much interest and appreciation of the UC team and its future intentions, and they hoped to take matters further in the near future.