What are your daily study habits?
“I usually study for one hour every night. I read books and articles related to Cambodian law, and complete my assignments. I always ask questions in class; in fact, I can say that I am ‘Mr. Question’. We should not avoid asking questions. Most teachers feel happy to answer questions related to their subject.”

Do you do anything different when studying for a quiz or exam?
“I will review all material for many hours. Usually, the day before the exam I will study the whole day. I prefer to study alone because I can concentrate and no one interrupts.”

Do you study at another university or have a job or internship?
“Actually, I just finished a degree in Economics from RULE. I have also been studying English for three years at IFL. I am an intern for UC welcome weeks, and I participated in the Mock-ASEAN Summit at UC. I also do social work through IFL. I am a member of the Cambodian Red Cross Youth.”

How do you manage your time and schedule?
“I make notes in my phone for deadlines, meetings, appointments, assignments and exams.”

Being a student can be a very stressful and busy time, how do you manage your health?
“I always spend time to relax. I will go on vacation in nature to the beach or Bokor Mountain. I also eat a lot. I eat food that will give me energy like fish and vegetables. I know that exercise is important too, but right now I am too busy.”

What advice can you give to other students who are hoping to be more successful next term?
“First, they must be more proactive. Don’t waste time; instead, do things that are useful. They should join social work to broaden their knowledge and understanding of society. Also, I hope that all students try hard because ASEAN integration is coming, and investment in knowledge is an investment in the future. We can gain many experiences form ASEAN integration, but we must be qualified in order to compete for the good positions within Cambodia and other ASEAN nations. Finally, I want to say that education does give us magic hands.”