UC Library Building

In an effort to increase research capabilities, and to enrich the lives of Cambodian citizens, the University of Cambodia plans to build a state of the art library on the UC Phnom Penh Campus.

Currently UC has one of the largest libraries in the nation; however, there remains a large gap in the capibility of the library to support a large range of research projects. In addition to the need for more books in diverse scholarly areas, increased facilties for expansion and study are also necessary to fulfill the requirements of researchers.

The UC Foundation is currently seeking donations to support the creation of an independent library building, which will serve not only UC students, faculty, staff and foregin researchers, but also the community at large, for the UC library is open to the public as well.

If you are interested in supporting UC’s mission to build a new library, please contact the UC Foundation’s Executive Director, Ms. Samantha Smith, at ucf@uc.edu.kh or at 093 777 884.