The 9 Minimum Standards for HEIs in Cambodia

By: Dr. Y Ratana

The Cambodian Higher Education Association (CHEA) and the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC), working alongside Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), MoEYS, the World Bank, UNESCO, APQN and representatives from universities in the United States, have now held three sessions to draft and review the 9 minimum standards for HEIs in Cambodia. These standards will help to create an atmosphere of transparency, efficiency and evolution within HEIs. The organizations have been working to create minimum standards that are truly achievable and enforceable within Cambodian HEIs.

The nine minimum standards are grouped into the following categories; vision mission and goals; governance and management; academic staff; academic program; student services; learning resources; physical resources; financial resources; and internal quality assurance. The draft minimum standards document details specific requirements in each category, these requirements were created with the intention of being clear, concise and implementable for all HEIs in Cambodia.

Once implemented these minimum standards will provide HEI’s with the framework within which to ensure quality education and consistency for all students, staff, management and advisors. This is an important step for Cambodian HEIs, and UC is proud to be a part of the creation of these standards.