College of Education

The recent decades of war and internal conflict have only turned Cambodia into one of the poorest countries in the world, despite an abundance of natural resources. And, in spite of improvements in the human resources sector since 1979, social indicators are still at a low level compared with neighboring countries.
There is thus the need to promote the development and maturation of the latent potential of Cambodia's human resources, through the nurturing of the intellectual development of our people. This requires the implacement of a dynamically responsive education system, which can adapt and use the most appropriate modern pedagogical approaches in order to maximise returns on the investment (monetary and otherwise) made by both the administration and their prospective targets.
The aim of our undergraduate program is to produce graduate teachers who can act as role-models and meet these expectations, and thus play a role in guiding Cambodia’s future path.
In addition, as part of their armamentarium, administrators need to be competent in various other areas associated with the running and improvement of existing and anticipated educational services. Our graduate programs in Educational Administration aim to fulfill this basic, and urgent, need. In addition, we offer a Master's program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The aim of this program is to produce a crop of teachers who are able to tap the potential of all Cambodians to participate in the country's ability to enter into, and then compete on, the global marketplace, where English is increasingly important as a transnational language.


To produce graduates who can play an active role in the preparation of the next generation for taking Cambodia into the future.


  • Curriculum Design and Instruction (BA)
  • Education (BA)
  • Education Administration (AA, BA, MEd, MEd)

Undergraduate The College of Education offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Education. Depending on the student's aspirations, courses can be selected which allow specialization in either Primary or Secondary Education.

The University of Cambodia's Foundation Year Program for new students  has been officially recognized by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia. It comprises eight compulsory core courses (24 credits); together with two oriented courses (6 credits) relevant to the student's chosen major. For Education, students must do two of the following oriented courses (3 credits each):

  • EDC101: Principles of Education
  • ENG105: Practical English Language in Use
  • ENG106: Introduction to the Appreciation of Literature

Graduate  The College of Education offers Master’s degree programs in Educational Administration and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Graduates from The University of Cambodia’s  Education programs can expect to find jobs in teaching or in educational administration, in either the public or the private sector.


Students graduating with a degree in the Education from The University of Cambodia will be:

  1. Confident in understanding and communicating in the English language;
  2. Well-prepared with an in-depth familiarity with their chosen subject-major;
  3. Competent in critical and analytical thinking;
  4. Flexible in outlook because of a rounded education outside their major; and
  5. Able to find and compete for jobs locally and abroad.

Note: The University of Cambodia reserves the right to update the present information without notice.