2015 China-ASEAN Vocational Education Exhibition and Forum

From 17 to 20 September 2015, Dr. Y Ra-tana, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and Mr. Min Seiha, Associate Dean for the College of Social Sciences, attended an exhibition and forum called, “2015 China-ASEAN Vocational Education Exhibition and Forum,” which was held in Nanning, Guangxi, P.R. China.

During the College Cooperation and Promotion Fair, in which all colleges and universities were allowed to communicate and exchange views on possible cooperation, representatives of the University of Cambodia actively held a number of discussions with various representatives of other higher education institutions from various countries in ASEAN and China to seek for appropriate ways to collaborate in the future. The profile of the Univer-sity of Cambodia, as well as the structure of degree programs, was briefed to the dialogue partners in an effort to promote understanding, and to find the best matches for collaboration with UC. Along with the discussion about and explanation of the University of Cambodia, the university brochures and the latest editions of the UC Bulletin were also distributed in an effort to further promote UC through visual means.

In a brief discussion with Mr. Le Van Than, President of Hanoi Open University, who was very interested in the University of Cambodia, Dr. Y Ratana expressed the desire to create open distance learning and would love to cooperate with Hanoi Open University. Mr. Le Van Than was also opti-mistic that the two universities may cooperate in this area once an MoU is signed.

Guilin University of Technology, a Partner of UC, will organize the World Education Conference in mid-November 2015, and they will invite UC

President, Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, to participate in this conference to promote collaboration efforts.
In a meeting with the President and Vice President of Guangxi University of Foreign Language, both parties recalled the desired establishment of a Foreign Language Institute or School at the University of Cambodia. Dr. Y Ratana said that UC wants to set up a School of Foreign Language in the near future, in this school, Chinese Language and Chinese Studies will be included; UC will need assistance from Guangxi University to set up curriculum, and provide quality teachers in this field. In response, Ms. President replied that they can assist with this. She asked to keep in touch and continue discussions on this matter. Dr. Y also gave them a UC gift and brochure.



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