Mekong Bank Presentation

Over 33 students attended a presentation by Mekong Bank on Friday August 28th, 2015, from 9:45am - 11:15am in room 509 at the University of Cambodia. The topic was centered on the transition of an individual from a student to a successful and productive employee. Paul Clements, Executive Vice President of Mekong Bank, explained how the transition from a student to a productive employee can be easy, but only if you take your studies very seriously from the beginning. He explained that your time commitment will change, and it will be your responsibility to complete your work during your scheduled hours, which is a significant change from university, where although you are working under deadlines, you man-age your time almost completely independently. Mr. Clements reaffirmed that his boss, and thus Mekong Bank as an institution, is especially committed to “education” and working with UC. He explained that strong education is the most crucial factor for Cambodian development. Mekong Bank, and thus EVP Paul Clements, is very keen to return to the UC campus for other presentations and to help arrange other events.


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