Council for Research and Creativity

The Council for Research and Creativity is a coordinating body of stakeholders whose purpose is to encourage individuals and groups with a University connection to become actively involved in innovative and informative research, especially with regard to Cambodia’s continuing development as a nation and as a member of the regional and global community. The overall aim of the CRC is to contribute to knowledge and capacity building across all sectors, including scholarly inquiry into scientific, social, political, gender, technological, and industrial issues.

The Council promotes an appreciation and understanding for research; builds the capacity in research and analytical thinking in the UC community; supports original and creative research activities; acts as a forum where UC intellectuals can network and exchange ideas with others; mentors students to undertake research; inspires faculty and staff to conduct research; and encourages a wide range of publications in all forms.

A Director of the CRC leads the team, and members of the CRC include the President of The University of Cambodia; the Vice President for Research, Development, and Policies; The Vice President for Academic Affairs; the Vice President for Operations; the Deans for Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Studies; the Deans and Associate Deans of the Schools and Colleges; and representatives of the Institute for Research and Advanced Studies (IRAS), ASEAN Studies Center, and the Board of Trustees.