Doctoral Degrees

The doctoral programs at The University of Cambodia are directed toward preparing individuals with the theoretical foundations, applied skills and practical expertise required for professional positions within their respective fields. This degree prepares professionals to have a greater understanding and appreciation of research and the scientific basis of their discipline than can be accommodated within a Master’s program or other professional training. For existing practitioners, a doctoral degree can enable them to expand their knowledge and competency in their profession and aid in their career advancement goals. The doctoral degree also aims to train and prepare professionals to meet the needs of the community, and Cambodia as a whole. Students have to do a minimum of 60 credits (excluding foreign language courses). All PhD students are required to present a research proposal before the start of their program, per a requirement from the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport.

For a list of all the programs and their coursework, please refer to the PhD catalogue here:

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If students are interested in applying to a Doctoral degree, they should visit the Office of Admissions or email