Associate Degrees

Associate’s Degrees

An Associate’s Degree is usually taken by students whose circumstances have prevented them from completing their High School degree; various programs are available for students who wish to do this degree, subject to sufficient class enrollment. In order to enroll into an Associate’s Degree, students must have a certificate of the national high school exam (regardless if they passed or not). A student will have to study for two years, full-time, to be able to complete an Associate Degree. They will usually have to complete the following:

  • their respective major’s requirements (typically 30 credits);
  • the General Education requirements (27 credits); and
  • a small number of other elective courses (15 credits for students)

Having completed an Associate’s Degree, a student can then enroll for a Bachelor’s Degree in the same field, and can count some of the credits done for the Associate’s Degree as part of their Bachelor’s program. The University of Cambodia applies the credit system used by American universities. Students who are doing an Associate’s degree at another university can opt to change to completing their degree at UC, where they can count up to 24 transfer credits from their previous university towards a degree at UC, provided that the grades are high enough and comparable courses are available at UC.

If students are interested in applying to an Associate’s degree, they should visit the Office of Admissions or email