Master Degrees

Master’s Degrees

The Master’s degree program at The University of Cambodia is aimed at preparing graduates to be future leaders in a broad range of careers in business, social development, and nonprofit sectors, including teaching, research, and administration. Our Master’s programs build upon Bachelor’s degree programs, and they are best suited to those who strive to be independent and self-motivated individuals. Students have the opportunity for flexibility in choosing courses and independent study opportunities that complement their individual interests. Interdisciplinary coursework introduces a theoretical and policy-oriented knowledge base, and independent study arrangements allow students to discuss academic theories and to work on research projects with individual faculty members. In order to enroll into a Master’s degree program, students must have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. As detailed in Policy on the Structure of Master’s Degree Programs, students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 54 credit hours, excluding foreign language courses.

All students must do the following:

  • Foundation courses (9 credits)
  • Core and elective courses (33 credits)

Note: the relative numbers of core and elective courses varies with the College and major. Thereafter, there are two ways to fulfill the required 54 credit hours of coursework. Students may choose between:

a. doing an additional three courses, a ‘mini-research paper’ and a final Comprehensive Examination (12 credits); or

b. preparing a research proposal (3 credits), and then doing the proposed research and writing a thesis (9 credits).

For a list of all the programs and their coursework, please refer to the Master’s catalogue here

If students are interested in applying to a Master’s degree, they should visit the Office of Admissions or email