Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor’s Degrees

A Bachelor’s Degree is open to students who have successfully completed their High School Baccalaureate. A student will have to study for four years, including the Foundation Year (three terms/year) to be able to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. In order to enroll into a Bachelor’s program, students need to have a high school certificate or its equivalent. The University of Cambodia applies the credit system used by American universities. Thus, students will usually have to complete:

  • their respective major’s requirements;
    ○ typically 54 credits, including the two introductory ‘oriented’ courses of the Foundation Year
  •  the General Education requirements
    ○ 46 credits, including the eight compulsory general courses of the Foundation Year
  • a number of other elective courses
    ○ 33 credits for students

Note: when the student completes the Foundation Year Program – which is recognized by the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) – they will receive a Foundation Year Certificate. UC can accept students into our programs who have completed their Foundation Year Certificates at other universities: they can enter as second-year students in the relevant degree program.

All of the courses done in their Foundation Year program will be accepted provided that they are each 3 credits (45 hours), UC offers an equivalent course, and the student received a high enough grade. Students who have proceeded further with a Bachelor’s degree at another university can also opt to complete their degree at UC; they can count up to 58 transfer credits from their previous university towards a UC degree, provided that the grades are high enough and comparable courses are available at UC. UC encourages students to consult their respective Associate Dean for guidance regarding planning their degree.

If students are interested in applying to a Bachelor’s degree, they should visit the Office of Admissions or email