UC Research Publications

Research is critical to The University of Cambodia and essential to help fulfill the University’s mission and vision. On the one hand, we need to promote our ongoing research activities; on the other, we need to seek to promote further such activities through encouraging our students and faculty to become active participants in UC’s providing them with outlets to promote not only themselves but also UC on the world stage.
Apart from the UC Bulletin, a quarterly publication published by the Office of the President to update stakeholders on UC events and activities to highlight the accomplishments of UC students, faculty and staff and thereby give them the recognition they deserve, four other outlets provide more concrete opportunities for the promotion and promulgation of our research activities.
On the national/international front, these comprise:

  1. The Cambodian Journal of International Studies – an outlet for academic papers in various disciplines, including studies on Cambodia in an international context
  2. The University of Cambodia Monograph Series – for the publication of more in-depth studies on a particular field of national, regional and/or potentially global relevance

More ‘in-house’ (but with open access to others) are designed with the aim of making students realise that the importance of research includes informing others of their results, and providing them with the means to achieve this goal to thereby boost their confidence and thus submit other manuscripts to the foregoing section:

  1. The UC Occasional Paper Series – a regular production for graduate students
  2. The UC Working Paper Series – a regular publication for undergraduate students